Donna Shalala Spotted at Late Night Dining

I was really hungry Thursday night so I decided to take advantage of “Late Night Dining” at Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall which is open from 11pm to 2 am Thursday through Saturday. It started like any other “Late Night Dining” experience: I got some chicken tenders with chili cheese fries and a coke. I sat down with some friends who ate most of my fries because they were to lazy to get up and get their own. We laughed and talked about how awesome we are.

After a half hour of that, we picked up our plates and trash and put them in the dish turn thingy (I don’t really know what it’s called). As we were walking out, I decided that I wanted an ice cream cone. I made the perfect cone then we proceed to exit the premises. As we are walking out, we looked in awe of the person who was walking out at the  exact same time. It was none other than our University of Miami president, Donna Shalala! She said hi to us and shook our hands. She told us that she was checking up on late night dining.

We were starstruck. I can’t stop talking about how cool she is for coming to “Late Night Dining”!

2 thoughts on “Donna Shalala Spotted at Late Night Dining

  1. Food is one of my favorite things so I think it’s appropriate that I comment on this post. Donna Shalala is a very cool lady. Now I’m hungry for some chili cheese fries!


  2. Sometimes I wish I still had a meal plan just so I could use late-night dining. Freshman year I was always hungry if I had to stay up late doing homework and wished that there were options for food. Also, I attended a lecture by Cornel West here at UM this semester, and guess who sat next to me in the front row? Donna Shalala!


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