Why did we have class today?

Passover and Good Friday? Sure it was an excused absence but I would have missed a lot of work! I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been a day off of school. There were very few people in my classes and I feel sorry for them because they have a ton of work to make up. It doesn’t seem right. Anyway, happy Good Friday everyone!

One thought on “Why did we have class today?

  1. Courtney,
    I agree with you!
    Where I am from, Good Friday is an official given holiday in ALL the country and in ALL the schools, so when I heard that UM was not officially giving it I was kind of amazed, shocked and in a way sad too! I mean, my family came all the way from Argentina to see me for this special holiday and I still had to go to class!
    I know, just like you said, the school excuses the absence but anyways if we miss the class we miss loads of important stuff we NEED to know.


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